Some of my Lectures

People management, how to be a champion, motivational talks, learning optimization and more!

How To Be a Champion

Being a winner is more like an option than a prize. The way you foccus, the things and people you surround yourself with and how you do and feel what your doing, that is what defines your success.

People Management

From family to company colleagues and classmates: everything is about relashionships and people managing. It is not about how you tell them what to do, but how you act and interact in order to make people admire, like, or respect you.

Motivational Talks

Motivation, inspiration, and self-affirmation are not rarely treated as a weakness or a life relapse. Actually they are important tools to fill your self of success examples and being aware of your unique capability and value.

Learning Optimization

It is often needed and the best option to multitask assignments, but sometimes the effective is to foccus. How to balance between different stragies and make your learning more efficient is the big cue.

Do you want to be a lecturer yourself?

If you want to present on a stage for hundreds, perform well in defending your thesis and academical projects, pitching your product idea or even doing nice live videos on the internet, contact me! Let's learn and grow together!

Some of the presentations performed:

Technical presentations:

  • EESC USP Alpha Presentation – For Embraer judges at SAE Aerodesign Brazil Competition.
  • EESC USP Mike Presentation – For Lockheed Martin judges at SAE Aerodesign East Competition.
  • EESC USP Mike Presentation – For Embraer judges at SAE Aerodesign Brazil Competition.
  • EESC USP Bravo Presentation – For Embraer judges at SAE Aerodesign Brazil Competition.

Social entrepreneurship presentations:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Week at USP
  • Chemical Engineering Week at UFScar
  • Mechanical Engineering Week at USP

Entrepreneurship Competition Pitches:

  • Health Care App for Physical Education Professionals - Sao Carlos, SP
  • Social Development Center - Sao Paulo, SP

Group presentations:

  • AeroDesign Team – For freshmen (about 200 people) that wanted to know more about extracurricular activities, including AeroDesign and how to participate with the EESC USP Team.
  • Sanca Social - Student NGO, presentation of the group for the students of EESC-USP and UFScar