I am 22 years old, I am currently working at Airbus Group in the Loads & Operations department in Hamburg, Germany.

Last year, I was studying at TU Delft, in the Netherlands, the best Aerospace Engineering Faculty in Europe.

In the past years, I also worked in the organization of events, seminars, academic fairs and entrepreneurship initiatives. My focus are both in the technical and social areas, not forgetting about the necessary commercial skills. I have experience in lectures and workshops, event planning, project and people management, aircraft structures and multidisciplinary optimization design.

I like to practice sports and have tried from soccer to martial arts, also love theater, traveling and making friends. Most times vegetarian, love new experiences and getting to know different cultures and opinions. Always focused on my carrier and my family is my treasure. I enjoy reading, listening to music and believe walking is the best way to get your ideas straight. I speak, write and read in English and Portuguese fluently. I am also learning Spanish, French, and German.


What I believe in

  • World changing actions;
  • Entrepreneurship is the world best bet;
  • Being proactive and dynamic is worth it;
  • Challenge your self makes you better;
  • Be responsible to your words and action;
  • Resilience and adaptability are essential living skills;
  • Good relationship is everything, because people are everything;
  • Environment is a gift that must be taken care;
  • Mental and physical health are needed for better performance.

More about me...

EESC USP AeroDesign workplace is my favorite place at USP, where I could always learn more with my work colleagues (my friends) and have a nice time. It is a place where we design, build and fly radio-controlled aircraft for international and national competitions. Team spirit, constructive criticism and hard work are the Team base and were essential for my personal and professional development. I worked in the areas of administration, project management, structures & loads, and aircraft optimization. 




Being part of the Aeronautical Engineering Week (SEA) committee and later on becoming part of the director board as informational management director, taught me how to deal with expectation and duty. The responsibility to do a good job, specially for those that traveled hours to be there, was huge, and meeting all expectations while dealing with last-minute problems with a smile was definitely challenging. Above all, seeing people smile and good reviews from the participants, speakers and university representatives were the best reward.

You can be the change!

When I was younger I thought I had to graduate, get a job, have money and THEN start being the change I wanted to see in the world... but life thaught me it is not necessary, that you can transform your reality and of those around you now and with the tools you have. I believe Sanca Social is my biggest "yes, it is possible!".

Right now Sanca Social is a student NGO that engages more than 30 students from different universities towards four different projects and helps the local community. Before it was only a crazy idea that popped up in my head, and could have turned into nothing if we did not believe in the "yes, WE can".